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Masahiro Saitoh Appeared on TV !

NHK Educational TV Program

"Tout-Tout Ensemble" for Schoolchildren
NHK Educational TV Program
"Tout-Tout Ensemble" for Schoolchildren broadcasted in Japan,
April 1997 to March 1998

NHK"Tout-Tout Ensemble"

Masahiro Saitoh Plays the role of 'KEY-BOUZU'.@Bouzu in Japanese means a monk. In this program, KEY-BOUZU is dressed with purple kimono, monk's vest with keyboard patterns, a wide belt with musical notations, and a pair of yellow-frame glasses. He introduces the joy of music to children as a monk living deep in the forest. Every day, friends visit KEY-BOUZU to play chamber music with him. Among the friends were such distinguished musicians as Hiroko Nakamura, Mariko Senju, and Shinobu Satoh that the program enjoyed a great popularity not only as educational but also as a high-quality classical music program across the generations. A three-year-old viewer sent a comment to a newspaper expressing that "my dream is to become a KEY-BOUZU when I grow up". Because of the nation-wide support for the program, the program was extended for another year. Even after the extension, the NHK organized "KEY-BOUZU Concert" tour across the nation and a record 25,000 people attended this event in some city.

Piano Lesson for an Adult "Shumi Yuuyuu"
Piano Lesson for an Adult "Shumi Yuuyuu" broadcasted in Japan,
October 1999 to December 1999

NHK"Shumi Yuuyuu"

Lesson 1
Lesson 2

Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Peggy Lee
and Sonny Burke

"1 ere Gymnopedie"
"La La Lu"
|(Arrangement by M.Saitoh)

"Nocturne No.2
"Clair de Lune"

"Every beginner of piano should visualize himself performing his favorite music in front of the audience. With this image, what appears to be dry and mechanical finger training becomes a means of self realization. "
"There is no difference between a world-famous pianist and a person who tries to play the piano for the first time. Everyone loves the piano and therefore is motivated to play the piano. Please take a challenge and play the music you adore on the piano. It will make your self shine and enrich your life. That is the power of the piano." (From NHK textbook)

Piano Lesson for an Adult "Shumi Yuuyuu"
Piano Lesson for an Adult "Shumi Yuuyuu" broadcasted in Japan,
June 2005 to August 2005

"The way we were"
"Je te veux"
"Hitomi wo tojite"
"Nada sousou"